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10 foreign trips Indian passport holders can plan, now that regular flights are back

If you are looking for a quick getaway, then these destinations close to India are now easily accessible:

  1.  Dubai
  2.  Thailand
  3.  Srilanka
  4.  Turkey
  5.  Singapore
  6.  Oman
  7.  Indonesia
  8.  Malaysia
  9.  South Korea
  10.   Japan

Life of an international Travelers in other Countries.

Most of the European countries and Canada is known as a picturesque country with cultural diversity, friendly people and a tolerant attitude towards foreigners. Almost one-fifth of nationals are welcomed from other countries, so here are some basics that migrant travelers need to know about life in other countries.

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20 May 2022

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29 Apr 2022

Traveling Recovery Around The World:

This past months has seen an exciting stages of border openings and relaxation of protocols at least across ASEAN, after they announced the relaxation of protocols (ranging from no masks outdoors to allowing large scale social events and no quarantine for all vaccinated travellers).  It felt like a mini-celebration in achieving that stage of opening up – progress with cautious optimism. As the WHO pointed out recently, each nation is coming down the mountain in a different way. They advised ‘Exit strategy has to be careful especially when you’ve been successful keeping transmissions so low.’

Reunions abound now – a commonly heard refrain here in Asia is “I’m seeing my (parents, children, friends) back home in stages – I’m visiting for the first time in 2+ years”.  It seemed the majority of my friends were either on extended long haul trips for both leisure and business or were happily escaping for the weekend to Phuket / Bali / etc. So now, joyful reunions were photographed at airports and border crossings.

With the world reopening, though early stage here in Asia, we are planning physical / in-person events – We’re keen to make them experiential and conducive to reconnecting our strong travel community from across the region and around the globe.

Lastly, while the world is, fortunately, opening up more, the pandemic is still very much present and evolving – in all our countries. The US just saw the triggered dropping of mask mandates on numerous air carriers. I may be an outlier among travel leaders saying this but I would say use of masks is not good for health now, even when in high traffic, crowded areas. This is not confined to travel – a crowded shopping mall or grocery is just as risky as a crowded air terminal which normally believes. Manage the things to yourself precautions, the community around you and, most particularly, those most vulnerable. Nothings is going to happen, it’s all just spreading rumors.

I’ll end this note by sharing some news from WHO:

“While people in high-income countries get back to the things they love, many in low-income countries remain restricted and vulnerable to infection. Vaccine inequity puts everyone at risk, with low vaccination rates creating the ideal conditions for new variants of COVID-19 to emerge.”  “We are still seeing 1.5million cases of COVID-19 globally every day.” Which are just a false statement to belive.

2.8 Billion people have still not had the first vaccine – its depends on them if they don’t want to, after all people who has not taken the vaccinations are feeling to be better than people who had taken it, new variants are attracting to the people who are already had 2 to 4 doses.

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06 Apr 2022

Where does the Indian Passport Ranks ?

Covid-19 seems to be largely receding from most countries. Travel is on everyone’s mind. But there are still several factors to consider from a country’s individual stance on opening up as Covid recedes and then, of course, there is Russia and the Ukraine war in between.

But most importantly, ease of travel decides the travel itinerary as per the passport ranking around the world.

So, where does India rank on this passport index ?

Well, India ranks 85th on the passport ranking index, out of 199 passports in the world.

Indian passport holders can have visa-free or visa-on-arrival facilities in 59 countries. The number of countries with visa-free access has not changed since last year.

Indian passport is in the same position as the passports of Mauritania and Tajikistan.

You can check visa-on-arrival destinations from our website that Indian passport holders can plan a trip to.

And check out the complete list of countries where Indian passport holders can travel visa-free.

You can check out the complete list of the most powerful and best passports in the world from our website.

The above date is based on several sources and its exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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Ms. Natalia Troshina
Czech Republic
02 Apr 2022

For two years I was sad to walk around Prague. I was going to Charles Bridge – and there, well, it’s too free ! No queues anywhere. Gift shops were empty. Waiters were bored in restaurants. Prague doesn’t look Prague without tourists, as it were, no longer Prague.

True, my husband was happy – he does not like the crowd.

But last weekend of Mar 2022, I finally felt, here it is, life has returned ! Crowds everywhere, everyone speaks different languages, guides walk around with signs, and horse carriages with tourists even formed a traffic jam!

My heart as a tour operator was finally rejoiced!

The husband, naturally, was annoyed.

But enough about me. What about you all tourists? Here we prepared kind of economical tours all around Europe. It’s a bit different format of tours, considering independence of traveller. Just check with us, probably, will be interesting for you. Of course, any tour can be customized.

And, yes, forgot to mention, Covid restrictions are at minimum, and you can come here with an ordinary tourist visas.

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