How do I retrieve my trip?
To see your trip itinerary book by us please visit to page ” Travel ” and click on CheckMyTrip, you simply enter the [Reservation Number] and your [Last Name] that is associated with your booked trip. Note that CheckMyTrip can only retrieve future and ongoing trips that have been booked on the Amadeus reservation system.
What is my reservation number?
You will find your reservation number on your ticket or in the confirmation email provided by us. It is sometimes referred to as a “PNR” or “Record Locator” and consists of a six-digit alphanumeric code (containing letters and numbers)
How can I modify my reservation?
CheckMyTrip is not able to make changes to your reservation. You will need to contact Travel Lounge directly.
My booking has been modified, how can I see the update?
You can see the modification from CheckMyTrip as soon as it is finalized by the us, as CheckMyTrip has a real-time access to the reservation system. If the trip itinerary is already opened in CheckMyTrip, you will need to refresh your internet browser.
What is an e-ticket?
The eTicket receipt represents your official Travel Document. It is issued and provided to you by us. For your convenience, the e-ticket reference number is displayed in the trip itinerary display of CheckMyTrip but can not be used as the official travel document. For more information, see: “https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/tickets”,
How do I export a trip itinerary to my personal calendar?
You click on the ‘Calendar’ feature when displaying a trip. CheckMyTrip will generate an ‘.ics’ file that you can download to your computer. Once downloaded, you either ‘drag-n-drop’ or import it into your own calendar software.