Skill Visa For Germany:

Over employed! Germany is short on labor

As the rest of the world struggles to feed out of work masses, Germany loses billions due to skilled labor shortage.

Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, is in the throes of a skills shortage. With the lowest unemployment level in two decades, firms are finding it increasingly difficult to find well qualified workers.

According to the German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK) this is among companies’ biggest concerns at the moment. “Every third company we surveyed said that they saw the skills shortage as one of the biggest risks to the development of their business over the next 12 months,” Stefan Hardege, head of the DIHK’s labor market unit, told Global Post.

Many sectors are hit, he explained, but companies that rely on engineering and other technical skills — the core of Germany’s powerful export economy — are particularly affected.

The problem is already costing a fortune. About 92,000 engineering jobs were not filled last year, leading to an estimated loss of about 8 billion euros, according to a study published in April by the German Engineering Association (VDI) and the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW).

The VDI says in March, 2012 there were 110,400 unfilled engineering jobs in Germany, an increase of 26 percent on the same month last year. The states of Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia were particularly badly hit.

Meanwhile, there are currently more than 38,000 open positions in telecoms, IT and other sectors, according to industry association BITKOM.

Global Post

Skilled Job-seeker residence permit is an excellent option for
foreigners who intend to stay and like to facilitate their Job search
in Germany. Successful Skilled Job-seekers will be allowed a 6 months to 1 Year
residence permit in Germany and pursue their Job. The Skilled Job-seeker
residence permit is applicable only for the residents of countries
where the visa is a requirement.

It is a simple & easy process & you could be working in Germany in
less than 3 months.

Foreigners who wish to apply for a Skilled Job-seeker visa must fulfill
one of these requirements:
Possess a Graduate or Diploma or Vocational trainings / Craft course / University Degree or a higher Special qualifications from a Recognized Universities
around the world meeting to the standards of Norway and relevant to
their nominated occupation.

Apart from the Educational and Employment requirements as a Skilled
worker one must also possess sufficient funds to live in Germany for
the intended stay in the country. This currently corresponds to Min 6000
German currency for six months which is approximately 4.2
Lakhs in Indian rupees.

– Minimum 2 years work experience must.
–  No IELTS required.
– Processing time 2 Months.

Why Germany?
Rich country
Great Standard of Living.
Strong Economy & Job Market.
Low Unemployment rate.
Stable Government.
Short Process Time.
Low Investment.

Germans enjoy one of the highest GDP per-capita in the world. Today, Germany
ranks as one of the wealthiest country in the world in monetary value.

Germany has a very low unemployment rate. The country is richly endowed
with natural resources including petroleum, hydro-power, fish, forests,
and minerals

Jobs in Germany offer a wide variety of benefits, steady employment,
and high pay. Finding a job in Germany isn’t as hard; there is a low
rate of immigration and a variety of jobs are available especially for
trained, Skilled professionals and IT workers.he employers are large
and small national/international companies, public enterprises, state
and local government. The companies may be suppliers of equipment and
systems, network operators, suppliers of telecommunication services,
ICT departments in large companies and consulting companies.

How to overcome the biggest problem of finding an overseas job?
Answer: Be There.
Even if there are several job opportunities that suit your profile,
overseas employers or placement agencies will ignore your application
because you are not physically available.

To them, your availability would mean two things: whether you are in
the country to face a personal interview and whether if selected you
would be eligible to work.

In normal circumstances, you are allowed to work in a country if you
possess a Job offer and the employer sponsors you for a relevant visa
to work.Germany has a solution for foreign with adequate skills who
wish to start their career and are looking for Jobs by offering a
special category of residence permit called Germany Skilled Job-seeker
Residence permit.

The Permit allows foreigners to legally enter Germany with a clear
intent of seeking employment.

You are allowed to stay for 6 months to 1 Year and can look for a job , upon
expiry you will need to depart from the country. You can make multiple
trips to Germany during this period.

With those reasonable conditions agreed upon, international job
seekers can now look for an opening in Germany.

This Residence permit not only allows you to search for a job, it also
will provide you the exposure and experience of finding an overseas

If you have not traveled overseas earlier, it will allow you to see
the richest, the most developed economy to India and also build your
travel history.

Benefits of a Job-seeker Visa:
The Skilled Job-seekers who are successful in securing a job in Germany
can apply for a skilled worker residence permit with a sponsorship
from a local employer.
The Employer can easily sponsor your skilled worker residence permit.
This permit also forms to Permanent residency in Germany after
completing 3 years of residence.

It’s quick, it’s inexpensive & the chances of success are Good!

What must be enclosed with the application?
In addition to the completed application form, you must submit:
– Documentation of Offer letter and Salary Slips
– Documentation of your education containing information about the  duration of the education, its content and the level of the educational institution.
– Documentation of offer letter, salary slips and 2 years work experience certificate containing detailed information from former employers about the duration, tasks and the nature of the activities.
– Documentation that you have sufficient funds for your stay
– Documentation of travel or medical insurance
– Information about accommodation
– A copy of your Valid Passport ( Min. 1 Year validity )
– 4 Passport size photographs

As a rule, it is sufficient that you enclose a copy of the documents
with your application, but it is a precondition that you present the
original documents when you submit in your application.